Nonprofit fundraising gallery in the works! 

I have always been inspired by the people who pour their hearts and souls into supporting something that is making a difference in their community. While I have always been happy to donate artwork to help raise funds, I thought that there had to be a away to do this on a greater scale. 
 The gallery (the name is in the works) is intended to be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit online gallery which will provide a platform to bring artists together to raise money and awareness for communities and organizations that help make our world a better place.
This online gallery will curate four online shows a year. The gallery will place a call for organizations to apply at no cost to be considered for donations. The gallery will also place calls for artwork to ensure the quality of the work being sold. Artists chosen for the exhibitions will donate 50-80% of the proceeds of their artwork sold. The gallery will take a fixed 20% commission fee to help pay costs associated with running the nonprofit. 
The gallery plans to open a call for art for the first exhibition in March 2020, and have the show online sometime in May 2020!
Money earned from this campaign will go towards the cost of designing the website, and legal fees associated with starting a 501(c)(3).

Click the link to donate!

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