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Artist Statement

My artwork is a collection of narratives, each piece capturing the vulnerability within the raw, messy, and imperfect nature of the intimate idiosyncrasies that define our private moments. In an era marked by growing disconnection, my curiosity centers on the potential for building empathy through shared lived experiences and the common threads that tie our individual stories together.

While some of my art represents the more impactful experiences in life, much of my work explores the quieter yet equally influential moments that contribute to constructing our greater sense of self. Individually, each piece reads as a snapshot in time, much like a chapter in a book. Together, the figures and vessels create a story reflecting my exploration of sexuality, gender, identity, and the fundamental human need for intimacy and desire.

Each cup is similar in shape and size but varies with reference to the female form. The brief moments of colors allude to flushing and moments of heat in the body. While each cup illustrates a moment, the sculptures are physical representations of desire, longing, and apprehension. The work embraces the vulnerability within the messy, imperfect nature of being human.

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